Sunday, February 15, 2015


Love is in the air. After slacking on the event... and skipping all but 4 days about of the dailies... I made my grind count!  Pet and Mount.  one character. WOOT WOOT!   I now have my flock!  I took the method of slaughtering the podlings around the garrison... you know the really creepy carnivorous plant people.    I must have killed over 1000 of them.. My bottom is quite sore from sitting on it so much... Regardless... SUCCESS!!!

Here is a link to turning in the tokens.    My mic is really low... got to figure that out still. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Garrison Tour by Screen Shots

Entrance area of Level 3 Garrison for Alliance

After you pass through the gates

The Pleasure Bot follower....

Just like a little town.. followers interacting

Follower that you can get

Clock tower of castle (you cannot go up there)

Pretty Skyline

View from the castle steps

Mission desk

Paper work


Mission room

Weird art. a sheep eh?

Not sure what this room is for? religion?

same room guessing for religious purposes.

Barracks level 2 

Barracks clutter

Barn level 2

Vendors and clutter and interactions everywhere!

Scroll vendor

Salvage yard level 2

Follower 'working' in the forge level 2


Clutter in the house by Cemetery

More house by cemetart

Druids of the Talon Cave


Kitty in the garden

Back Gate

View from the tower outside of garrison area

View from the tower in the garrison area

fishing area

Fishing hole

In the cave in the fishing hole...

Fishing hole skyline

fishing hole

Fishing shack


Training dummy

Fountain in town center

Unbuilt plot

Small plot unbuilt

Phase 1

Phase 2

Dance Break


Phase 1

Dwarvn bunker


Pet menagerie

SQUIGGY!!! (from an earlier quest)

An artist behind the barraks