Sunday, September 27, 2015


Emerald Dream 

To build a guild to help balance the large guilds of the horde vs. small guild of the alliance.  There are only few large and active pvp guilds of the alliance on the Emerald Dream, and the alliance needs help in Wpvp and defense.  <Immitis> should be a guild that you can come to after the stressors of RL and wind down.  A guild of friends, who enjoy to do activities together while we all 'patiently' await the legion invasion.  

 Immitis is latin for Merciless.  It can also mean savage, primal or a parasite that can cause infection.  The name is strong and simple, with a Latin ring.

The Team
GM: Jezi
PR Captian: Lupis
HR Captian: (In Negotiations)
PVP Captian: (Taking applicants)
PVE Captian: (Taking applicants)

(Taking Applications)

Ranks: Requirements/Definition

Initiates: First rank of guild- members have not completed their new member meeting.  Members of this rank have 2 weeks to complete the meeting after joining.

Privates: Alt rank  all non officer alts.

Members: Active participating members of the guild

Veterans: Senior and very active participating members of the guild.  

Officers: Support guild and members and address guild concerns, attend officer meetings. 

Captains: Lead officers of each gaming aspect/Assistants to GM 

GM: Guild Master

General Guild Rules
1.  Respect others, do not be rude or hateful to others
2.  Guild Chat is PG-13
3.  Team Speak is Open- Anything but Hate goes.
4.  Do not Spam in game/on forms/of associated with the guild name
5.  No Glitter bombs or Nukes in Guild sponsored
6.  All new members must complete a new member meeting within 2 weeks of joining the guild.
7.  If the 'Clear Coms' in TS is issued all individuals in the channel must stop talking in channel.
8. Event Leaders have command over their events
9. No Drama
10. Have Fun

Anyone in the guild can create a Guild event.  That Individual is the Event Lead.  They have complete control over their event.  They can chose to appoint a leader or run the event themselves.  The Event Leader can issue a 'Clear Coms' during their event.  All event participants are to listen and follow the direction of the Event Leader.

Events are posted on the Event calendar or can also be spur of the moment.  TS is the best place to be to get in on many of the non calendar events.

Team Speak (TS)
As stated previously Team Speak is an open place.  Anything goes, except for hateful and spiteful drama.  'Clear Coms' is a phrase that can be used in a channel by an Event Leader, GM, Captian, or Officer.  When 'Clear Coms' is used the only person speaking be the Event Leader or appointed individual.  If there are issues in TS the individual(s) causing the issues will be muted, if there are issues that persist the individual will be removed from the Guild

We follow a 3 strikes program, if an individual fails to comply with an officer's instructions/request or guild policy 3 times they will be removed from guild.  We understand that everyone makes mistakes, however believe 3 is well enough.  Once an individual is kicked, they will not be invited back.  

Contact the GM:  twitter: @immitis_ed or @ssbjezi

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sunday, June 14, 2015

PostCards From Jezi: Series 1: Northern Barrens

I hope everyone enjoys this next project and new addition to ssbjezi!  This first set is the Northern Barrens, picked by a guildie.  Enjoy!! and I cannot wait to start the next set!!  Please follow our twitter account to participate and follow all of the SSBJezi fun!
<3  Jezi

I am a photographer and a bit of a lightroom nerd.  So I had fun adding the following 4 cards!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Warcraft Addon Review: Bartender

For  our first Addon Review we are going to look at my right hand of WoW.  Bartender.

Bartender is a addon that has been around for a long time.  According to Curse Bartender comes to us from a Nevcairiel; who also is listed for other mods; gathermate, handynotes, omen threat meter, and quartz.

The customization of this mod is the high point for me.  You can really do a lot and set it up to your needs by character.  Lots of option for size on icons and really a lot of options.  A player can make it very simple and basic or very extravagant with borders.  The set up can be time consuming, however with the amount of customization options, that is expected.  This mod also plays nice with many other mods, especially the ones that you can move around anywhere.  

I like mine in a rectangle format so I can keep most of my middle screen clear.  This is on my laptop, my desktop has a much bigger screen and I am able to spread things out.  This mod is also really good for those of us who like things smaller or bigger for whatever reason.  I used to also make the rows I used more frequently larger than the others.  But now I just prefer everything I can use or like to use to be quickly accessible.  

Some Interesting Layouts I found via Google Search (giving me ideas!)
From: almarsguides


This mod is one of the faster ones updated after patches and expansions.  I have never had to go without or have any compatibility issues.  The only issue I have ran into with this mod is sometimes I forget where I put something or have a tendency to over clutter my screen.  But that is more of a Personal Problem (PP), than a development issue.  

The Ratings

User Friendliness: 9.5
Updates/Compatibility: 10
In Game Application: 10
Setup: 9.5
Appearance: 9

Overall: 9.5

I highly recommend this add on for all players; casual, pvp, and hardcore.

Bartender Resources

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Love is in the air. After slacking on the event... and skipping all but 4 days about of the dailies... I made my grind count!  Pet and Mount.  one character. WOOT WOOT!   I now have my flock!  I took the method of slaughtering the podlings around the garrison... you know the really creepy carnivorous plant people.    I must have killed over 1000 of them.. My bottom is quite sore from sitting on it so much... Regardless... SUCCESS!!!

Here is a link to turning in the tokens.    My mic is really low... got to figure that out still. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Garrison Tour by Screen Shots

Entrance area of Level 3 Garrison for Alliance

After you pass through the gates

The Pleasure Bot follower....

Just like a little town.. followers interacting

Follower that you can get

Clock tower of castle (you cannot go up there)

Pretty Skyline

View from the castle steps

Mission desk

Paper work


Mission room

Weird art. a sheep eh?

Not sure what this room is for? religion?

same room guessing for religious purposes.

Barracks level 2 

Barracks clutter

Barn level 2

Vendors and clutter and interactions everywhere!

Scroll vendor

Salvage yard level 2

Follower 'working' in the forge level 2


Clutter in the house by Cemetery

More house by cemetart

Druids of the Talon Cave


Kitty in the garden

Back Gate

View from the tower outside of garrison area

View from the tower in the garrison area

fishing area

Fishing hole

In the cave in the fishing hole...

Fishing hole skyline

fishing hole

Fishing shack


Training dummy

Fountain in town center

Unbuilt plot

Small plot unbuilt

Phase 1

Phase 2

Dance Break


Phase 1

Dwarvn bunker


Pet menagerie

SQUIGGY!!! (from an earlier quest)

An artist behind the barraks