Thursday, October 30, 2008

WotLK = More Lore :D

Ok sooo I'm going to nerd out here...
I am really excited for WotLK for sooo many reasons..
One of the biggest ones is the increase in reference and inclusion of the Warcraft Lore.
BC did a really good job incorporating more lore into Warcraft...
but.. I think there could have been more..
and WotLK looks like it is going to offer loads more Warcraft Lore!
I am sure there will be loads of boring kill X many of whatever quests...
but just as I was questing for a level and a half in the beta on jezi and 3 levels on a DK,
I saw so much more lore and story related quests that BC.
Stories I am hoping for: Windrunners, and Dragons OH MY!
I know I know I probably could have leveled Jezi and some alts to level 80 in the beta
but.. I'd rather be surprised..
and I plan on leveling at least six characters..
soo definitely did not want to even attempt at burning myself out!

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