Monday, June 15, 2009

Character Names

I just came across this on the last page of my photobucket account...
from a lonnngggg time ago! LOL

I do not know about everyone else..
but I am always curious about character names.
most of mine are characters from other games/books/or names i liked/name definitions i like.

** interesting find... there are 76 characters with the name legolos in the World of Warcraft.. according to the armory.

105 richard s.. hehe
95 jezibel s
1 Idoca (me!)
36 Garri s
117 Boomy s (yikes)
4 Isyla s
81 starstriker s
2 deangela s
1 chiayna (me!)
7 Islynn s
2 goredema s
72 Arais s (YIKES!!)

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