Sunday, September 6, 2009

Around Dalaran!

I thought this mount was just fantastic!
it is a sea turtle!!
anyone know how to get it??
its probably a loot car!

I really enjoy the buildings in dalaran!
Jezi is an alchemist..
so naturally had to take one of that little shop!
kudos to blizz for this building!


Tariean said...

Is that you on the turtle?? My bf got his on like the first day he went fishing for it, only 1 other person had it on the server I'm so jealous =(

Tariean said...

Ooops hahah I misread what you said under the turtle mount =P No it's not lootcard, you fish it up from any school in Northrend, it's a super low catch rate!

SSB Jezi said...

omg!!! i am totally going to be fishing!!