Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pictorials 2.A: Faction Changes!!!!

Finally it is officially out!!
and the change cost is....
which includes the recustomization and change. released this amazing article (screen shot from there as well)...
anyways the article was published yesterday 9/2/09..
and it highlights all the interesting and important information about faction changes.
here is the link:
btw I read probably 5 times a day..
Here is a snipit from the World of Warcraft site..
explaining how everything is going to transfer over..
I can understand now why this was not implemented faster..
Blizzard has done an incredible job of outlining what is transferring to what..
I am very happy with their FAQ section on Faction changes!
and I hope the change is as smooth as their FAQ!! Link:
Jezibel is down for her change!
I cant wait to make her a sexy blood elf!!!!!
As soon as she gets her faction changed she will be transferring!
as a Hordie to Mok'nathal!!
I am not sure what I am going to change her name too...
Jezibel is taken on that guild...
if lowbie chars have similar names
I may just go with Jezibelle or Jezibella..
both I have saved now :)

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