Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sons of Hoidir

I am such a slacker..
I just started doing the quest chair to get to the dailies last week!!
I mean yeahhh I have been busy...
lol but not that busy! hehehe
Fortunately the quests are interesting enough..
and you get to be a big lady..
sooo my attention span is kept for a bit
until i decide to start running around on my chicken in circles
because it looks way funny! lol


Tariean said...

We picked Asmodians! If you do for sure play hit us up I'll toss you guys a legion invite (their version of guilds!)

Tariean said...

Oh it's Nezekan server btw! I'm not sure if the last comment I left you worked or not >< Sorry!

SSB Jezi said...

i am in the process of downloading/installing aion! it keeps getting stuck at 97% grrr

Tariean said...

HAHA I love this ss! I always crack up when mounting in this form it's so funny! Just to warn you the who function is little weird at times and I think it might be somewhat broken. You might need to do a /who riean to find me but you can ask anyone online in Eidolon for me, morg, jura, or kyle and anyone of us can invite you! Tell em one of us sent ya =D Look forward to seeing you guys in the game!

Tariean said...

Actually come to think of it, add me on msn and it'll be easier to just find me in game that way and vise versa lol!