Saturday, March 27, 2010

LOTR Online

So I think i may have found a stop to my mmo whoring...
I am really enjoying LOTRO
Character customization.. Super Fantastic!
outfits... housing.. DECORATIONS.. and dye..
so big check on the unique characters..
not to mention you give them a last name too
My char is Magilicuttie Tatertaker
Strangely enough.. I made a hobbit.. and really enjoy her
The male hobbits look like they shit their pants..
but the female hobbits are quite cute.
Graphics and game play are all fairly sound and relaxing.
Love the questing- even though we all know what happens in the end!
The crafting system is by far my favorite part of the game!
My little hobbit is a cook, farmer, and tailor.
Love the farming and cooking.. strange hehe

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