Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WoW Goals before Expac....

1.  Explorer title: Done

2.  Professions: Cooking- done, Alch: Done, Tails: needs work

3.  Reps: 5 horde factions, the hole bears, cenari tree huggers, agrent, aldor, spores (yes for the pet)

4.  Learn how to joust (I need those pets!)

5.  PvP a little for gear for lowbies.. (haha maybe not on the priest)

6.  Level another toon.. god they have been siting between 68-80 forever...

7.  Work on some questing achieve.. *uck...

8.  See some of the old school dungeons.. since they not recorded as complete on Jezi

9.  Get more Jezi art- possibly hook up the digi pad and pen

10.  Update this blog at least once a week.. (almost to year 3!)


Aoirselvar said...

I should really come up with my list of things to do as well. I can't seem to stay focused. (right now I'm working on the undead mount).

SSB Jezi said...

My big one should be getting that tiger mount in ZG! oh man I have been lusting over it for years! but really... I need to get some other characters... all i have is my priest.. and I have allll of these almost there toons. lol