Friday, August 27, 2010

Ysera (found on mmo-Champion)

So does anyone else think she looks fantastic!
A little odd yes... 
but that happens with purple skin!
I am really liking all of the 'make-overs' the npc's are getting

Of course the best so far is still Lady Windrunner... 
Man did she get upgraded!

here is a link to some npc's mmo-champion has released! 


Saga said...

I wish they'd update all the night elf models to something similar (including the player ones!). They'd look so much cooler :P At the moment their hip area looks really square and odd, this looks way better. Gief better looking night elves!

SSB Jezi said...

oh man if night elves looked like that... ooo i might re roll one... Jezi at one time was a NE.. but switched over to blood elf when that came out. I am liking the body jewelry... little things that make me happy!