Monday, September 27, 2010

Brewfest 2010

Did not really do much with this Azeroth Holiday this year.
I already got the brewmaster title and the worpletinger and elephant..
but I am occasionally going to the boss, as I do not have a kodo...
not on my priority list.. but its so easy, why not.


Saga said...

I have to admit, I'm doing the brewfest boss every day on all my 80s. It's maybe 10 minutes work total and gives me 100 gold from the quest *lol* So I figured, why not :)

Other than that, I'm still hoping for the kodo for my main. Please, pretty please drop my kodo!

SSB Jezi said...

I didnt even notice he dropped that much gold.. I know he dropped badges.. mmm maybe I will fight him more!

Thanks for your continuous visits!!

Rioriel said...

Ooh, bit late, but yeah, do queue. It's such a short time and at 14g from the bag plus the shot at the BoE mace, two mounts and i200 trinkets, it's definitely worth 2/3 minutes of all your 80s' time.

I also giggled at "Sausage Vendor". I'm so immature.

Anonymous said...

Lol wow I must be really lazy then lol...

Yea.. the sausage vendor.. I reallllly could not help myself...

Thanks for visiting again Rioriel!