Monday, September 6, 2010

GTFO!! (Jezi = annoyed)

ok.. sooo apparently the anti-spam block/iggy button is working wonders in the world of wow...
because now every time I go to Org..
 this is what i see! UGH!!!!!!!!!! 
If only they where the opposing faction!

This annoys the piss out of me!
A lot of these 'we sell gold websites' I think are the reason people get hacked
(that and some info/addon sites) 
regardless... this is sad!
People pay to play a game they really enjoy
its a great way to release stress and relax..
and here we have people harping on the enjoyment.. 
hacking and stealing account  information and crushing someone's heart!

Individuals like this make me SICK!
and it frustrates me beyond rage!
Many of us gamers pour our heart and soul into our characters...
gearing them, developing them.. spending good portions of our time..
and then there are these assholes... 
who are trying to find cheap tricks into hacking an account!


I was almost hacked at one point... 
and I went straight to the forums and blizz locked my account 
I ordered an authenticator.. 
which I am hoping solves the problem!

Seriously if you do not have one..
and you look up a lot of gaming information you may want to look at getting one
just to protect your little character!

I personally use the copy and paste method for my password + the authenticator

The only problem is if I go over to my bro's house and forget the auth.. 
but I am working on that lol!


Saga said...

I find these incredibly annoying, same with the ones spamming trade chat all day long. But at least the ones spamming trade you can usually block out with some of the add-ons out there.

Maybe I'm too cautious but I don't even reply to random people asking me for gold, etc. because I know skilled hackers can actually get your ip address that way and do a brute force attack to get your account (I have an authenticator, but they could still get my e-mail etc.) Now, I don't think that's very common, but then I don't really want to reply to people asking me for gold anyway *lol*

SSB Jezi said...

I usually just click them as spam LOL reports and iggys them all at the same time.