Monday, September 20, 2010

Muffintop.. In game issue?

Ok Blog readers.. Meet Tonkz!

Tonkz is a ret pally raider I play with... Tonkz is a female wower.. and I absolutely love playing with her..
great sense of humor and loves to tease all the guys we raid with! so yea we have a lot of fun

As you can see Tonkz matches.. almost completely! This aspect of the game (matching and good looking gear) is very important to some of us ladies and guys.. (guys. more so the matching and scary aspect)
So we are raiding today.. and she points out that her belt's graphics had been changed a while ago...
and in that change when she is looking side ways at her character the character appears to have a have a muffin top..  *gasp.. fail of fashion! Almost as bad as VPL! (visible panty line)

so Tonkz summited a ticket to the gms...
they responded that it was not an in game issue...

ok Blizzard.. this is an issue!

1. blood elves are the only 'pretty/sexy' race available on the horde
(unless you like tusks/bones/fur)

2.  Girls really do play wow.. seriously we are not pretending (I promise)
 we care if our character if our characters have even the slightest bulge!
especially if they are suppose to be pretty and sexy in a mid drift!

3.  It was fine before.. until the 'belt' size was enhanced..
don' t you think maybe just maybe the belts are getting a little too big?
they look ridiculous!

and finally.. graphics and design is that not a game issue?
if this is important to a group of players (probably mostly female) should it not be addressed?

The belt is bigger than her waist!!!

Tonkz I think your on to something!

This one annoys me so much I cant even begin!

this is a decent size belt... even tho it soo does not match lol


Saga said...

I don't like it when things don't match either. On my priest (an alt) I actually ended up NOT buying T10 shoulders because the colour didn't match the rest of my gear *lol* Well, it's an alt so what does it matter what gear she's wearing right? Better to look good!

SSB Jezi said...

thats how I think.. I do it on jezi too.. I will save and save for the pieces so it matches... I really want a mid drift tho

Rayveniael said...

the belt buckles remind me of the wrestling people, I think WWF? I hate them too. The trancendence belt was perfect sized. If they think its not a game issue they should at least let us "hide" them like cloaks and helms.

SSB Jezi said...

speaking of the 'hide' option.. lol I could only imagine what would happen if everything was like that.. Like the belts look even goofy on a big tauren or orcie.. and absolutely ridiculous on a blood elf.. they are the size of a toothpick anyways! lol when I am playing mine I always feel bad for her like she is going to break in half!

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