Thursday, September 23, 2010

not feeling well= playing sims

so hidden....

LOL I found this really amusing.. 
just a bush..  in the surf...

First time ever struck by meteors!
It was rather exciting!
No one died.. 


Rioriel said...

I'm giggling like a loonie at the bush detective. :'D

So very tempted to pick up a Sims pack during these pre-Cata blues.


SSB Jezi said...

same here I could not stop laughing.. He does that everywhere! there are no bushes in the surf! lol

Sims is my pre-cata fix.. and my six fix.. for some reason when I get sickie (which I catch everything) the graphics in WoW give me motion sickness.. lol

another good pre-cata I have found is Fable 2.. I had thought I had played it through.. but my xbox 360 took a dump on me.. and I do not remember my original login id.. ugh so I have to earn all those gamer points back!

Thanks for visiting!!