Thursday, November 4, 2010


I like this option a lot...
I do not have to wait in line...
and I do not have to wait outside for delivery..
It will be ready to go on the date of release (midnight of course)
I still may attend the release party at Gamestop :D
They usually have snacks!


Saga said...

I've done the online upgrade as well. Since I live in a small, rural town with no local game store it was really the best option. My other option was ordering a copy from an online store - which most likely would have meant I'd received it during the day on the 7th and been several hours behind everyone else!

So yay for online downloads ;)

SSB Jezi said...

I am in a major city.. I have done the store pick up for most games... a couple I have done the delivery.. gamestop is usually reallly good about getting it to you the day of..
But I wanna start at midnight.. and I have also seen even pre orders run out... so this way I HAS IT!
Up till this last summer I was in a rural area.. but we had walmart/kmart/and a very small target within 40 min.