Monday, November 1, 2010

More Rl Halloween photos

(the panda is one of the hosts)

Jarri (another one of the co-hosts) stabbing his house-mate Mr. Panda!

Great games! 
they had movie scenes and quotes everywhere..
like a scavenger hunt..
people had to guess and the winners got a prize...
I was happy Sheera one a prize!
(i helped with the counting of votes/answers) 

little toy solider Kristen
 (the panda's lady and one of my fantastic neighbors)
I tried to win her as a prize cause she is sooo fricken adorable!

fromt he 'test your fate game'
one of the punishments/tricks was panda caning.. 
as an alternative to the 'gangrene' shot
(note the slave Leia lady won sexiest costume)

Loved these girls costumes! 

Another movie scene..
it was up by a strobe light.. in the basement

The final host: Glenn
Fantastic Party Thrower Extraordinare!
And apparently ever year these events happen! 
wahooo! already thinking of next year's costume!

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