Thursday, November 25, 2010

The New Org!

Welcome to the new Org.

There is a lot of buildings added and things moved around.
overall Jezi like!

Bank @ entrance
(it appears as all races have their own little section in the town including trainers and bank/ah)

OHHH I so want one for my hunter!

New Banker!

New Warchief

New Skill/does not seem up yet


The new AH

inside the AH


Saga said...

New Orgrimmar looks badass, I like it :)

SSB Jezi said...

Its way neat.. I am probably going to explore every town :D

Masaya said...

I can't believe how huge Org is now! The zepp towers are awesome if not a bit confusing at first. And Gamon.. lol what a trip!