Thursday, December 9, 2010

Discovering Cata! : Jezi = 82

Black rock Boss!
Beauty. hehehe

Final Boss In Tides... 
Calamari anyone?

Jezi the Shark Rider!

Still in Love with my Sea Horse!

Working on my ui..
Any suggestions would be great..
I got btex..
but cant get the skin to change...
Jezi's Addon List:
Shadow Frames (I think)
Sexy Map (a find from Saga's Blog)

I would like it to be more aesthetically pleasing..
I am now rolling with the mini map where it is by default.. but much smaller.


Saga said...

Btex is currently bugged, they're working on it I think - but you can't change the texture with the drop down list anymore.

However, if you check in your folder to see the names of the files you can manually change it if you click on Custom Skin.

Then it asks you to enter the name. Each skin has 3-4 files called like IDr-1, IDr-2 etc. Only use the first bit before the -, So in the Custom Skin field just enter IDr and you'll get the skin.

It sucks a bit, but currently it's the only way to change the skin. I hope they fix it soon :)

SSB Jezi said...

ok i thought it was just me lol... that happens tho hehe

ty I will try it out!