Thursday, December 16, 2010

Its that time of year again :p

to bust out one of my favorite Jezi commissions. 

Merry Christmas! 


Saga said...

That looks awesome :)

I always wish I knew how to colour things on the computer, but I'm an idiot when it comes to it *lol* I guess I'll have to stick to pencil sketches!

SSB Jezi said...

I can color... but I can not draw... sooo if you want me to color anything send it my way... and I can color it for you!
The gal who did that one for me is actually working on another one! I am excited! I have another one done by her as well.. When Jezi was an NE.. the artist made it look like a Jezi WoW card :D
My significant other is realllly talented.. he just does not have a lot of time :( I am going to try to get him to doodle some jezis for me too :D