Thursday, March 10, 2011


I made a Rift Character

This is the basic UI
very much like other games I have played so it was very easy to navigate..
You can also fully customize the ui.. I have yet to play with that :D

and of course my character..

I picked Marksman 
neat thing about this game is you have 4 disciplines..  Warrior/Cleric/Rogue/Mage
You pick one.. and then as you finish the tutorial you pick 3 specific jobs out of like 8
Each discipline has at least supportive and offensive roles.  

There area also defensive roles..
 but for obvious reasons mages do not have that.  
I personally have picked 2 offensive roles Marksman (as my main tree),
and  the trap one.. I forget the name it starts with an S
I also picked bard (which I may change to ranger), which is a supportive role.

More on this game to come 
So far the story line and game play has been a blast.

Here is the link to the game's website:

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