Saturday, June 18, 2011

I made a goblin!

Jezi's Goblin Review..  

Yes I am a little behind lol but Goblins are fricken AWESOME! 
The story line is so incredibly unique and I will say it CUTE! I wont spoil it for you but Deathwing makes the little gobbers relocate and they meet Thrall.  The story line really develops more of a culture, more than any other race.  From their city and quests you can easily understand what it means to be a goblin.  Their hierarchy is a bit askew but it seems as who ever has the most money and brains is in charge.  So when you start out you are trying to get that big boy/girl job and run as the trade prince/princess for the goblin faction.  There are tons and tons of little funny side jokes as you go through the starting quests... one of my favorite is the name of your boy/girl friend.. if your a boy you get 'Candy Cane' and a girl 'Chip Endale.'  

I did not think I would try a Goblin at first.. but I really enjoy her.  I made a Hunter named Idoca.  It is awsome that you start out with a pet in the beginning.. got a little crab! I figure since I have all my baby's skills except fishing (which is a slow work in progress for me lol) maxed I would take skinning and mining on my new char to just make some g on the new server.  Mikey took herbalism... so I wont compete with him that way.  It appears on Area 52 some of the materials such as herbs and mining results are priced steeply.. or at least the most I have ever seen.  I have only really been on Kilrogg, Sisters of Elune, and Mok'nathal... which Mok'nathal is very low population for horde.  I will say that the pet market is flowing with pets.. those prices are a bit lower, as there are more people selling the rare, collectible pets... which my little goblin will feed my addiction.  YES YES mine mine! so I can get gold to buy pets! LOTS of pets! 


Saga said...

I still have to try a goblin. I did on the Beta, but it was bugged and you couldn't get past level 4 *lol*

I don't think I'd ever properly play one - but I'd love to do the entire starting zone since everyone says it's a great experience.

Maybe I'll have the time during my 3 weeks off work. :)

SSB Jezi said...

I enjoy her! they are just so different!