Sunday, June 12, 2011


Ok so some crazy stuff going down..
RL, Sims, Magazine, School, and WoW...

Update... in WoW
I jumped server ship.. there where some minor aesthetics.. in the current guild.. thou who shall not be named.. That I was getting really annoyed with.. Everyone else there was rocking but 1 person.. I do not do the racists/sexist comments at all.. Its my 14.99 a month + transfer.. I should have fun right? If your not 80% happy then why are you playing.. That's what I asked myself and came to the conclusion I needed an older and non racist crowd.   So I transferred to a friend from work's server.. Have not know her very long..  but she is really nice and the group sounded more to fit me. Not to mention the guild name.. 'Delicious Cake.'
OMFG really? that sold me right there..  muffin t-bad HOOOOOO!  So far everyone is really nice.. sounds like they have been around for awhile so it may take me a bit more to warm up to them..  Raid times fit my schedule much better and I am getting to try some new things ie 25 mans That just would not have been realistically feasible in my privi guild mostly due to the server numbers. When I transferred the first thing I noticed was people EVERYWHERE!  I must have been on a dead Horde server!

Update Sims/Magazines
First Issue of Teen Sensation is coming out very soon... Issue 6 of Sensation Magazine has my model Alita on the cover :D  I am so far behind on my articles it is not even funny...

Update School
Still chugging away.. I have my final paper due friday.. and I am 70% done with it.. Which is Pretty good for me lol..  I usually wait till the last minute!

Update RL..
Will come soon..  I am waiting till July 28th to release 2 important and happy announcements.. but omg...... It has been busy!

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