Sunday, July 10, 2011

My WOW MODS!!!!!

So Mike.... has been using *my* laptop to play wow, as his does that weird minimize thing during play.. which is fine.. other than my big computer (which is much better than the laptop) is in the living room.. normally this would not be a problem.. but it happens to be summer.. and it is HOT.. and if you have not guessed.. I am preggers... about 14 weeks...  Our living room does not have AC... there is no way in hell I am sitting out there!

So I have been quite and nice... as his 'game time' is how he relaxes... and it has been uber stressful here... fast pace wedding plans, apt hopping/remodeling... family over every day.. school.. and well a preggers lady.. So I have been working on my sim magazine articles without photos first.. and forum trolling... Mike is currently sleeping in.. He was probably up until the sun broke playing his little Mage.. So I decided since he is sleeping I could play some wow.. ohhh no no no.. HE DELETED ALL MY WOW MODS!!!! OMFG! problem #1 i am a fricken healer.. hello healbot is my left nut! problem #2 I have a ton of mods... so now instead of being able to enjoy myself and play I am going to spend about 2 hours setting them up to the most efficient way for me to play AGAIN!

And rather than waking him up.. I am letting him sleep... and I already put a dvdr for him to make a back up disk for his laptop.. (the way he has stated he would fix it about 500 times.. ) 

and Yes that is the comp's current Background.. and yes.. I am putting it on all the computers we have!

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Saga said...

You need to teach him to disable the mods instead of deleting them! ;) That background should definitely get on all the computers!

Also, big congratulations on being pregnant :)