Saturday, August 20, 2011

Updates and Photo Spam...

ok So 1.  I am married now (its been almost a month.. I know and I am just updating)

The wedding was very small (under 20 people how we wanted it) and very personalized but still had almost all of the traditional pieces; the vows, the ring exchange, unity candle... but we also added a celtic wedding blessing.. and some other aspects of us.  

Most importantly Mr. Shamus and my grandmother was able attended! We were not entirely sure as it was sooo hot and humid that day! But everyone made it all fine! and the ceremony was not too long only about 20- 30 min and beautiful.  

The unity Candle

the mothers having a blast... 

and the ring. This is my aunt Sherlene's wedding ring that she gave to me.  
Strangely enough we had planed to save for an almost identical ring! 

the cake... it was sooo good! My cousin Jen made it :D

2. I am thinking about not keeping my wow account constant.
With all the recent additions/changes I just do not see myself playing on a regularly weekly basis.. I am lucky if I can get on saturdays... So I guess I can pay 'as I go' If I reallllly want to play then pay for a month.... but if not.. let it freeze.. So sad.. but nessecary...
That and there are SOOOO many free games on Steam.. I am playing spiral Knights and some free fps game.. and then champions online is free and lotr.. soo if i need an mmo fix.. I may go back to my hobbit on lotr.. but I am in love with my priestie Jezi on wow :(

3.  I may have a job teaching online (I should find out soon) 

4.  We get to move to the big apt! 
I am so excited!!! the Baby will have his very own room!
andd.... I get an office! YEAH!!

5.    YES! We are having a baby boy!

I am a little confused why this child is blessed with long legs...
Both Mike and I are pretty short..  oh well! He will be taller than us by Middle School!

Yes.. that is what you think it is! 

kinda looks like he is waving!
No names picked out yet or 100% Mike has to make a list...
We came up with the deal if it was a girl I would pick.. little boy he picks..
and he is such a perfectionist.. so it may be until week 30 till he decides!
I am hoping he picks Gabriel, Sterling, or Lance!


Misschatterbox said...


Pistolkitten said...

Awwww Congrats on the little one and the wedding, love that ring :D

Rioriel said...

Huge congratulations to you both, and super warm fluffy hugs for the little one on his way. Everything looks like it went perfectly, yay! xx

Saga said...

Congratulations! That's a lot of news and changes - but all of them good! :)

Also, I love the name Gabriel, you should totally go for that one because the internetz said so! :P

SSB Jezi said...

Thank you everyone! we are excited! worked out the bigger apt is going to be open.. so the little one gets his very own room!