Sunday, November 13, 2011


Soo... My husband got into the beta.. and we think I did as well.. as I was signed up over 2 weeks before him.. but probably deleted the email.. ops. ugh! Fortunately he was nice enough to let me play.  I am hoping that he will give me enough time to get to lvl ten..  but I'm the dumb ass that deleted my emails... So I am not holding my breath.

So far I am lvl 7 playing a Sith Warrior.  The story line that I am playing and the ones I have watched from him (Bounty Hunter & Sith Inquisitor) all seem very well put together.  I like the way they have the area set up so no one else can enter your main story line and kill the quest beasts/people and mess it up and make you wait.  Loading time on all the quests and stories for me has been minimal.  Seems to be very fast loading and the story progression is very interesting.  

the combat system is a bit different than what I am used to and took a bit to get a grip on.. but fortunately the first 3-4 levels are incredibly easy.  So there is a learning curve.  The movement is easy and fits a lot of game's common basic controls.. Which is sooooo nice.. you won't have to relearn a lot of short cut keys!

The game overall gives me a KOTR & Mass Effect feel.. yes the console games we all loved.  The choices when you speak to people are extremely fun.. and I would imagine it will allow people to feel as if they are really developing a character.  I'm currently playing my little Sith Pure Blood Warrior as pretty much as Evil as you can get.  So There are typically 3 options.. which I would assume are light side/neutral/dark side in conversations and choices.  

Graphic wise.. the graphics are suitable.. not out of this world rocking.. but great to good and seems to be easy to load. The character customization in creation is not as in depth as I would desire.. but I have high standards in that department.. spoiled with sims and Aion lol!  It has more options than 'most' mmorpgs or is comparable to.  I would anticipate most players will find it satisfactory as its not over loading options.. but has several to chose from.  

My only complaint thus far is just a weird graphical glitch in the bracers.. looks like a scarf hanging from the wrist.. So really for a Beta.. the game seems to be flowing very well.  I am defiantly going to play.  It also seems as of now a game I could play for a good bit.  

More to come later! School and cleaning to do! Hopefully I can play some more!


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