Friday, June 6, 2014

Gaming and Parenthood.

Gaming and Parenthood

So many times when I game I feel guilty when I let my 2.5 year old son sit next to me while I play.  This is a good thing.  No matter what he is my first priority.  Sure I should do things for myself... Enjoy some games.  But not at any expense of my child.  So how do I play games.  

So how do my husband and I get some gaming in?
1.  Nap time... Oh sweet nap time. My 2 hour block of self time!!!
2.  Bedtime.   Got to be careful with this one and not over do the time frame.  Have to be up and awake for my kid.  But another 2 hours is fine.
3.  Scheduled self time/Taking Turns/Sharing.  We all need time to ourselves.  Gaming time can be an outlet.  I take a little time each  week to game with my husband, if I do not have school work, while my parents watch our child.  Quality grandparent time for them.... Gaming and hubby time for me.  
4.  I include my son in almost all cleaning and daily chore activities.  This helps really give us down time.  And work becomes play. 
5.  If I play games when my son is awake it is always something I can just drop and never 100% in.  I can still watch him and not worry about ninjas ganking me. 
6. Moderated inclusion.  Give the boy the wheel controller to the wii on or off and he is playing with mommy and daddy! 

Even if the game play is scheduled and put into my wonderful Google calendar of life that includes everything from Grant's schedule, work schedules, school schedules, appointments, and all other aspects of life.... That looks much like a bunch of skittles threw up on my screen.  But oh well.  We are having the time of our lives right now raising our child.    If gaming fits.  Great.  If not... Oh well.  Is it really that important.  Sure it is very nice.  But not at the expense of not being there for my son. 

With a more relaxed schedule and more grandparent time, you may or may not see more gaming updates.  ;D

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