Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 1

So I have been inspired by Saga @, and countless other blogs to challenge
myself to improve my blogging consistency.   

So I am challenging myself to go everyday until i fail!
I will start out small.. aiming at 10 days in a row.  

Day 1: About 'Jezi'
My real name is Melissa, but I only go by Mel.  Jezi is short for my WoW raiding priest Jezibell.
I am 28 years old, and a counseling graduate/doctoral student.  I should have my LPC in approximately 2.5 years (10 quarters). But I plan to push on until I get my Phd. :D I live with my fantabulous boyfriend Mikey, we are very serious..  he is my 'one' :D  He is in school to and going to be either an advanced practice nurse or physician's assistant.  I also live in close proximity to my little brother Ben! Love being in walking distance from him...  so I can go pick him up every time he locks himself out of the house.. My parents and most of my family are also really close (within 20 min) Which is very nice, as I was out of the area for a few years.
I have 2 pets that I love very much;   Shamus (12yr old chow-lab mix) & Edna... the grouch (6 year old Siamese)

Currently I work part time at a recreation center, teaching swim lessons and lifeguarding.  Prior to starting the counseling degree I was a corrections officer.  I worked with both adults and juveniles at one time or another.  
I had the opportunity to work in various capacities; booking, control tower, visitation, and  conducting juvenile educational and life skill building groups. I have worked in aquatics at least part time since I was able to get my Red Cross Cert (age 15) I have managed pools and taught swim lessons since I was 18.   I was a swim team kid and swam for a little bit in college. I did not really have the competitive drive or time to dedicate to a varsity sport. And not to mention it was havoc on my grades.   I am still pretty active and I have just recently started to 'have to work out.' The metabolism is finally slowing down...

Other than all my education and work experiences I play games... LOTS AND LOTS of Games!!!!  The more frequent games I play are; WoW, Sims 3 plants Vs Zombies, and Pokemon. I occasionally play rift, aion, champions online, LOTR, D & D online and various xbox 360 games.  My other hobbies include; blogging, gaming, working out, watching movies, and being silly!

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