Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 2: ssbjezi

Day 2: SSBJ
So as many of you know this blog has been around for a good bit.  Since September, 30, 2008.  I know that is not a crazy long time.. however. that is 3 years of a blog.  I have well over 300 posts.. and I am aiming at more. The blog was originally intended as just a place to look at screenshots, as I have an affinity of spam taking screenshots in games.  When I first started raiding I was in a guild named Monachus Orbis on the Killrogg server. We had a saying.. "what happens in raid... goes on Jezi's blog.'

(1st screenshot published on SSBJ)

I chose to blog as a creative outlet and appreciation of the many games I play.  At the time mainly World of Warcraft.  When I started the blog I lived a good 30 hrs away from my family and most of my friends, so this was also a way to show them I was still kicking.
(ingame friends)

I have high hopes and plans for the future of SSBJ.  I eventually hope to one day get to the point were I consistently blog about every day.  I also have future aspirations of writing up game reviews, adding fan submissions, contests, and a photo gallery.

So stay tunned! and I will keep networking! 

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