Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 4: Sims Studio

Today I spent much time uploading some sims onto the exchange
(link to my studio)

In my spare time from everything I enjoy making simations of people I know... Pets... Historical People.. and of course Characters form games... movies.. tv shows and cartoons.. 
Sim Melly

Sim Mikey

Sim Shamus

Sim Jezi

King Henry and Anne Boleyn


Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury Sims form the anime/manga Sailor Moon

Along with Sensation Magazine,  I participate in various sim competitions.. So you will see me all around the forums!

I also run/host 1 competition. the Perfect Shot.. It is a competition all about taking the best screenshots.. I do not know if I will host more than one comp.. I will probably keep it simple..As I have started guest judging other sim competitions.. Currently a judge for Sensation Magazine's Next Top Model.

One of my sim families had a malfunction... and the mailbox was unable to send the bills.... Repo lady came.. 

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