Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 3: Games I Play

Day 3: Games I play
(yes I know I missed a day.. and my excuse... I am sick)

Ok so the plan is to briefly go over these games I play and then on another day I will go into more specifics. 

 My addiction began when I lived as a child across the street from a laundry mat with the arcade game Joust. I actually live in the same apt building now.. but sadly Joust is no longer there. I am a big time gaming freak, so of course I have been playing games since my parents would allow my brother and I to do so.  Which has been since we got an Atari...  We were spoiled, and loved games. After the Atari.. it was Nintendo.. then Sega Genesis.. those both kept us entertained for a couple years.  Playstation came out and we had to get one..  Which fueled the love of dynasty warriors. PS 2 and Xbox.. by that time Ben was at least in high school and I was in college.. and well we could help fuel our addictions with part time jobs and helping our parents by doing extra chores/more good grades.  

In high school I played many console games.. and the games on AOL (Mahjongg).  My parents bought me my very own computer.. . a gateway, my sophomore year of high school.. I then got into Sims! Sim City was the first... followed by the Sims 1.. I played the sims through college and was hopelessly addicted to this game.  With some breaks for console games, mainly dynasty warriors...  (I did take a summer of for Elder Scrolls....)  Anyways I purchased every single sims expac I could get.. my favorite in the sims 1 was superstar.. Sims 2 PETS! (which is still my favorite) and Sims 3.. I really like them all and will wait to decide on my fave if they come out with a Pet one! Currently I am playing sims 3.. I have all of the major expansions.. but none of the packs.. I use custom content downloads.. I am participating in many sim modeling competitions and I am working on 2 sim fashion magazines!

Warcraft....  I have been playing since...

11/16/05N/ATen Day Guest Pass

yes... over 5 years on a game.. but although I take breaks.. I will say I love this game! It is turning into a monopoly of the mmorpg world, and it is impossible to get away from it.. but I will accept that and keep it as my 'Main Squeeze' as a game.  At the beginning I was living with my brother Benji and Joshie... Josh decided to try the game out and gave Ben and I ten day trials.. Ben immediately started playing.. I had a laptop at the time and could not really keep up... but that February I got a real computer.. a dell xps.. dual core.. wooo after that it was on... I will have to check my total play time when I log in.. but I am pretty sure it is about a year.. lol Oh well I have enjoyed every minute! from ZG to BWD/BOT I am still kicking!

Aside from Sims and WoW I am also currently playing Rift.   So far it is a beautiful game.. but a combination copy of many games I have played.. think WoW + Warhammer.. with a splash of Aion.. 

If anyone wants to play with me I am on Spidersilk as a defiant under the name Jezibella.

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